Steph and Tom met backpacking in Nepal 4 years ago.
After moving back to the UK, they tried to convert their Mercedes Sprinter themselves, but both working full time, they soon needed professional help and that’s when they asked Off Grid Campers to create a van beyond their wildest dreams!
Their objectives for the van were to camp, explore and photograph all the wildest spots, and to chase the constellations and the Aurora in Scotland!
During Lockdown the van enabled Tom and Steph to adopt a gorgeous rescue dog named Snoop (who loves the van) and to support his elderly Nan who lives alone; he lived in the van on her driveway so he could be there whenever she needed him –  such a lovely way for the van and for us at Off Grid Campers to have helped a family support eachother and an example of how communities have come together during what has been a very tough time.
The van, which we’ve nicknamed ‘Aurora’, has a colour scheme of copper, light blue and light washed wood using the Shou Sugi Ban technique, to replicate their love of the UK coast. Tom said, ‘We wake up and before even looking at the view, I take a minute to appreciate all the craftsmanship and creativity in the van; it’s perfect for us for our next chapter of exploring the UK!  We were so happy with what Neville’s done, it’s just a million times better than we could have imagined. The skill combined with the teams experience of what would work and look right, created our perfect dream camper!’
Just what we strive to do for our customers!  Hopefully soon they can achieve their perfect dream and go chasing the Northern Lights with a very enthusiastic Snoop Dog in tow!  For more pictures and technical information on ‘Aurora’ have look at their dedicated Van To Camper Van Conversion page!

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