Our lovely customers Pete and Tracey are from Eastbourne. Pete is a youth worker and Tracey is a qualified nurse now working as a home carer. As experienced campervan owners, mainly of VW’s, they decided to get a bit more serious and have a vehicle they could stand up in, with a fixed bed and most importantly …a loo!

Their friend was converting his campervan and recommended Quirky Campers, so after some research, they found a low mileage Ducato L3 H2 at a dealership in Canterbury and came to us via the recommended converters listing on the Quirky Campers website.  They immediately fell in love with Raelene and the stunning Shou Sugi Ban finish for which we’ve become so renowned.

Tracey and Peter explained that they love visiting small off grid campsites with very limited facilities and Neville recommended a composting toilet. Tracey came up with a teal and purple scheme, plus the silver grey wood which Off Grid’s Shou Sugi Ban expert, Leon, had found for them… I’m sure you’d agree,  the colours have made this van unique and beautiful; Tracey and Pete have said how incredibly proud and pleased they are with what we’ve achieved for them!

They have absolutely everything they need to be ‘Off Grid’, which is what they wanted and they’re looking forward to making full use of their Campervan as soon as the opportunity arises. For a more detailed spec and pictures, have a look at the Ducato page in our Van To Campervan Conversions section of the website!


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