Niki and Mark wanted us to create their 4th Van with an enclosed bathroom and outdoor shower as they love to swim in rivers and lakes in the European countries they holiday in. They were over the moon with the robust kitchen and Niki has even branched out into baking cakes in the van! The facilities and aesthetics of the beautiful interior wood, make it more of a mini 2nd home wherever they are; parked on the banks of a lake, in a forest, up a mountain, or even in the square of a quiet Italian town, where within half an hour of falling asleep one evening, the whole place came alive and the bars were full of families enjoying the cooler air and so of course they got up and joined in!  And when they finally took their dancing shoes off, having the elevated electric bed stored in the high top, already made up, meant they were able to simply press a button, lower it and fall into bed and it adds the benefit of insulating the van, so it’s cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than any other van they’ve had!

Usually they’d go away for one night, or weekends in the UK, which, even if only a few miles down the road, always feels like a welcome respite away from the usual 4 walls, especially during this year. They found themselves in Germany this summer as weren’t able to return to the UK without a 2 week quarantine, but took the opportunity to spontaneously explore the landscape they’d usually just pass through and slept under the stars in an orchard, above a village called Hepsisau.

There is nothing better than waking up in the van with a view over hills, or the sea or watching a spectacular thunder storm between the Brecon Beacons lakes and valleys, and they cant wait to retire and explore more of Scotland, northern Spain and eastern Europe in the van next year! We hope they thoroughly enjoy it too! Click here for more on the technical details, interior images and a video tour of the van!


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