After some deliberation, (3 years worth), on how to travel the world, Naomi and Steve decided a van would be the best way by far, so they rented Raelene as a taster and fell in love with her.
Three weeks later they bought a Peugeot Boxer with a lot of rust on the wheels, but for a very good price. It’s a newer model, which is ULEZ compliant, so enabled them to drive into London without paying an additional fee!
Three months later, and now rust free, they finalised their ideal specification with Neville, which was based very much on Raelene, (so they affectionately view their van as Raelene’s Sister), with a few personalisation’s to cater for their bespoke needs; more storage, an extra seat to enable 4 people to travel, a light colour scheme to give the feeling of space, a couple of extra windows and two large skylights. 
Neville started work on the van and despite lockdown, the van was ready almost a year to the day after renting Raelene!
In the meantime, Naomi and Steve received the fabulous news that they were expecting their first baby and bought a house just as the van was ready to pick up. They now have big plans, which revolve around exploring the UK (asap) with a new born baby in tow, and they can’t wait to take advantage of all of the van’s features:…hot water, heating, USB ports everywhere, a fridge, cooker and a hot shower, and simply a very nice, relaxed off-grid feel. For the full tech spec have a look at the Peugeot Boxer page on the Van To Campervan Conversions section of the website. Congratulations from all of us at Off Grid Campers!


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