Our lovely customers Darren and Rebecca aka @izogadventure asked us to convert their LWB Peugeot Boxer to go on long European tours! Have a look at their video tour of the van interior and the beautiful pictures they’ve taken whilst travelling throughout Europe so far since they collected their van last month; Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and more!! What a stunning adventure they’re on! I’m sure Darren would agree, an Off Grid Camper lifestyle is absolutely ‘amazing!’ Follow them online: @izogadventure and check out the Peugeot Boxer LWB van conversion page for more details about the van itself!  We hope they have an amazing time for the duration of their travels!  Have a look at their website for more of their fabulous tour in their Off Grid Campers van! izogadventure.com

All images are copyright to (c) Darren Meredith @iZogAdventure




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