Silver, Teal and Purple Shou Sugi Ban Finished Ducato

Our lovely customers Pete and Tracey are from Eastbourne. Pete is a youth worker and Tracey is a qualified nurse now working as a home carer…both essential and valued key workers in the community! As experienced campervan owners, mainly of VW’s, they decided to get a bit more serious and have a vehicle they could stand up in, with a fixed bed and most importantly …a loo!

Their friend was converting his campervan and recommended Quirky Campers, so after some research, they found a low mileage Ducato L3 H2 at a dealership in Canterbury and came to us via the recommended converters listing on the Quirky Campers website.  They immediately fell in love with Raelene and the stunning Shou Sugi Ban finish for which we’ve become so renowned.

Tracey and Peter explained that they love visiting small off grid campsites with very limited facilities and Neville recommended a composting toilet. Tracey came up with a teal and purple scheme, plus the silver grey wood which Off Grid’s Shou Sugi Ban expert, Leon, had found for them… I’m sure you’d agree,  the colours have made this van unique and beautiful; Tracey and Pete have said how incredibly proud and pleased they are with what we’ve achieved for them!

They have absolutely everything they need to be ‘Off Grid’, which is what they wanted and they’re looking forward to making full use of their Campervan as soon as the opportunity arises. For a more detailed spec and pictures, have a look at the Ducato page in our Van To Campervan Conversions section of the webiste!

Master Class!

Our lovely customer, Sarah, is a teacher and she came to us to help her design and to fit out the interior of her Renault Master LWB High Top!  We think the result of this project is at the top of it’s class!

Sarah and her husband have 3 children,  so they needed to fit in sleeping accommodation, living space and travel seating for all 5 of them, which provided us with another unique lesson in making the best use of space and I’m sure you’ll agree, we passed that test and this campervan has achieved an A*!

There’s a permanent top-bunk double bed, with enough room underneath for the whole family to sit comfortably for socialising and meal times, so the under-side of the bunk bed has been fitted with a with a false ceiling, including spot lights over the seating area, which also converts to another double bed for the children – no test for us!

A natural finish Shou Sugi Ban wood preserving technique has been used, complimented by dark blue lacquered cupboard doors, which give the interior fittings a modern look and adds a nice balance with the strong wood effect.

For more pictures and full technical specification,  go to the Renault Master LWB High Top page in our Van To Campervan Conversions gallery.

Ich Bin Ein Ducato!

Happy New Year Campervanners!  We haven’t posted for a while as we’ve been busy converting campervans for the last few months!

Our customer, Claudia, came all the way from Dortmund, Germany last autumn especially to ask us to convert her van!  We’ve become internationally known!  What a compliment and a wunderba endorsement!

This Fiat Ducato LWB conversion has a left hand drive and the 90 year old wood was finished with a liming wax to give it a fresh look!  For the full specification and gallery click on the page link Fiat Ducato LWB left hand drive .

Mountain Climbing in Europe!

Off Grid Campers latest conversion was for a great couple from Liverpool –
Emily and Mat, who go off on high altitude adventures; mountain climbing in Europe for months at a time!  A serious off-grid lifestyle! They’ve had campervans before, so they knew exactly what they wanted and I’m sure you’ll agree, the end result is outstanding on a peak-level of practicality and aesthetics! So they now get to experience beautiful scenery from both inside and outside of the campervan!!
This Ducato LWB needed lots of storage and so was designed to have room for 2 large rucksacks and a water filtration system using UV lamps, as Mat and Emily fill up water tanks from mountain streams which supply the stow-away shower kit. They also, as you can imagine, do a lot of cooking on the mountain side, so the under-slung LPG tank comes in very handy to power the cooker, as well as keeping them cosy in cold temperatures!

For the full spec see the Ducato page in our Van To Campervan Conversions gallery!

Mat LWB Fiat Ducato -10resize

Matt and Emily, we at Off Grid Campers hope you enjoy your new Mountain Climbing Camper!

5 berth Mercedes Sprinter LWB with an innovative electric bed

Festival season’s just about over and there are plenty of campervan conversions booked in over Autumn and Winter ready for next years fun! Although the summer went too quickly, we’ve recently completed our latest campervan conversion; a 5 berth Mercedes Sprinter LWB with an innovative electric bed suspended from the ceiling and with a full wet room! Have a look at the van to campervan conversions gallery for all the final pictures. 5 Berth Mercedes Sprinter LWB with suspended electric bed



iZog Adventure!

Our lovely customers Darren and Rebecca aka @izogadventure asked us to convert their LWB Peugeot Boxer to go on long European tours! Have a look at their video tour of the van interior and the beautiful pictures they’ve taken whilst travelling throughout Europe so far since they collected their van last month; Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and more!! What a stunning adventure they’re on! I’m sure Darren would agree, an Off Grid Camper lifestyle is absolutely ‘amazing!’ Follow them online: @izogadventure and check out the Peugeot Boxer LWB van conversion page for more details about the van itself!  We hope they have an amazing time for the duration of their travels!  Have a look at their website for more of their fabulous tour in their Off Grid Campers van!

All images are copyright to (c) Darren Meredith @iZogAdventure



Meet BOB!

BOB (AKA the Big Orange Beast) is an orange LWB VW Crafter and was commissioned by a lovely couple; Laura and Ben, for the purpose of living the full ‘Off Grid’ van life for 2 years!  They’ve been travelling around Europe in BOB ever since we completed the conversion and BOB soon will house 3 of them; fully Off Grid alternative family living! Congratulations all around!  As you can see they’re enjoying their new campervan and living their perfect life to the fullest!  For more pictures of BOB have look at the conversion pictures under our Van to Campervan Conversions Gallery. VW Crafter – The Big Orange Beast.

VW Crafter with a Japanese ‘Fun’iki’ (vibe)! Shou sugi ban (焼杉板) weatherproofing technique!

As you can see we’re pushing the bar with creative finishes on this recent Campervan Renovation, using the Japanese Shou sugi ban (焼杉板) weatherproofing technique, which is both practical and environmentally friendly, and is stunning with it’s inherent textural beauty! By charring and washing the wood and then using white washing (or preferred colour stain) before oiling to emphasise and seal the wood grain, it creates a characteristic depth, likened to the ancient artistry of metal folding in the crafting of a Samurai sword, yet looks like beautiful beach weathered wood!! Have a look at the VW Crafter page for all the details under the Campervan Renovations section!